Qatar Petroleum Jobs for Nationals and Foreigners

Qatar Petroleum Jobs for Nationals and Foreigners




Announcing Qatar Petroleum jobs for citizens and foreigners in Qatar, where Qatar Petroleum announced the availability of vacancies in Qatar for foreigners and citizens with competitive salaries according to the details provided below.


Qatar Petroleum Jobs

We show you, through the Employ me Now in Qatar website, the details of the Qatar Petroleum Company job announcement in the State of Qatar about offering a number of vacancies in several specialties for citizens and resident foreigners, to work with the following job titles:

  • Head of manpower planning
    wired player
  • Structural Engineer
  • Senior drilling engineer
  • Senior LWD Engineer
  • large directional drill
  • Electrical Engineer
  • industrial health expert
  • Reliability Engineer (Mechanical)
  • Senior technician (turbine)
  • Workshop Supervisor
  • Principal Maintenance Engineer
    Planning Engineer
  • Non-destructive testing inspector
  • Accountant, Payable (Services)
  • Project engineer specialist
  • Contract Engineer
  • assistant. buyer

Apply for Qatar Petroleum Jobs

To apply for Qatar Petroleum jobs in the State of Qatar for Qataris and foreigners, please visit the application link.

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